~ Color is a matter of personal preference.

~ You will want to choose a color that will compliment your decor 

~ Lighter colors make a room appear larger.

~ Darker colors are relaxing.


~ Texture is determined by the carpet construction, how the yarn is "tufted" into the backing

 ~ Texture determines surface appearance.

 ~  Texture can also assist in the resistance to wear and soil.


~ The most important decision you make is the choice of fibers.

~ This is the largest contributing factor to the price and performance.

~ When comparing carpets, always compare carpets of the same fiber.

~ Major carpet fibers include: Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester and Acrylic.


~ Most important element in judging the quality.

~ Density is the number of fibers per square inch.

~ The deeper and denser the pile, the better.

~ The higher the number listed for density, the better the carpet quality.

~  Closely packed pile that is firmly secured to the backing indicates a good, 
    long-wearing carpet.

Carpet Cushion

~  Carpet cushion creates a softer walking surface.

~  Adds comfort and life to the carpet.

~  Cushion comes in a variety of types


~ Your budget and your needs are the predominate factors in selecting your carpet.

~ There is a large selection in affordable carpeting.

~  Length of service could greatly affect the initial cost.

~  Purchase the best carpet you can afford for the high traffic areas.

~  A medium grade can be utilized in bedrooms and guest rooms.

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