Velvet or Plush Texture

~ Fibers are all cut at the same height.

~ Tends to show footprints and Vacuum marks. 


~ Similar to Plush, but each yarn has a set twist 
   which minimizes yarn flaring.

~ The heat-set twist improves thickness retention,
    thereby reducing crushing.

~  Luxuriously smooth, soft finish.

~  Adds distinctive elegance to any room.

~  Show subtle highlights and accents.

Level / Berber Loop Pile

~ Made with tufted loop of the same height.

~ Great in high traffic areas

~  It can take hard wear hiding footprints and furniture marks.

~ Soil tends to stay on surface making it easy to clean.

~ Many of todays popular Berbers are level loop.

~ Ideal choice for contemporary to country to cottage furnishings.


Berber Cut Pile

~ Exciting new look with all the color and appeal of the 
   traditional loop Berber.

~ Great Plush "feel" of thick cut pile carpet.

~  Beautifully crafted and colored yarns add personality to any room.

~  Very versatile decoratively.

~ Subtle color flecks help hide soil that may occur between cleanings.

Cut Loop

~ Dust and dirt are easily hidden.

~ Not as wear resistant as level loop pile.

~  Accent colors spice up floor surfaces.


Commercial Loop Pile

~  Loops are of equal height.

~ Durable long wearing surface.

~ Engineered for high traffic areas.

~ Versatile styles blend comfortably with any decor.

~ Intriguing color choices 



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